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Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery in Modeling!

These days the most chosen profession is medicine, I think. Let me tell you why I think so. Medical school is hard, but after you finish it, this profession brings you to many choices for your life.

It can make you rich in a short time, and with this profession, I think you feel yourself as a hero because you save too many human lives. But this time we aren’t talking about the doctors who save lives.

The most preferred branches of the medical school and the most famous are plastic or cosmetic surgery. In the first view, they look like they are the same thing or not?! But this is not true. Let’s argue about them.

The first one (Plastic Surgery) is a surgical specialty that allows peoples to change something that they don’t like on their body, and a simple example is: You have to burn your face accidentally.

You want to fix it, but you can’t, the plastic surgery allows you to adjust that burned part because it replaces the burned meat with new meat from your body. This is what plastic surgery does.
On the other hand, we have cosmetic surgery.

They are similar somewhat because they treat the same thing, body parts. Cosmetic surgery helps you to make changes with your parts; for example, You have a thin lip and want to make it thicker or bigger. At this moment, cosmetic surgery allows you to change it.

The specialist puts you a mass of botox and makes it bigger and thicker. So, this is the change between these two medical branches. I hope we have clear your thoughts, and we have helped you a little. We offer you the photo gallery above to help you more.

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